• Reliable Stability & Safety: UGREEN Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount features powerful neodymium magnets(5* N52 magnets), longer serrated prongs(19.8mm), aluminum unibody, and anti-slip rubber cushions. The Magnetic Car Clip Phone Holder attaches to the air vents tightly and holds the phone in place even on bumpy roads or sudden braking, offering incredible stability and safety.Two different magnet metal plates can be chosen based on the road conditions and your phone's size.

  • Minimalist Design & Infinite Flexibility: The Mobile Phone Magnetic Car Cradle adopts neat unibody design and has a super small size, seamlessly integrating into your car interior without causing any disturbance to car accessories or driving views. But the Mini Car Magnet Mount endues maximum flexibility. You can place the phone to any orientation freely, no matter vertical or horizontal. The Magnetic Car iPhone Holder allows you to adjust the phone to an optimal angle for convenient navigation.

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